Season 1 Episodes

  • Vivian Stancil- Senior Olympian

    Vivian is a blind Senior Olympian and she gives us her story of going to the Olympics after being told by her doctor at age 50 she would not live to see 60 if she did not do something about her weight she turned to swimming now she has a foundation to help children learn the safety of swimming, She's very proud of the opportunity to represent herself in the senior Olympics. Her story is one to be told especially leaning of her upbringing. This story had our crew in tears. The interview took place at  D's Diner in Riverside CA

  • Jose Hernandez- Astronaut

    Jose growing up in a farm labor camp as a child his dreams were to always be an Astronaut, His dream came true when he was one of the first Mexican-Americans to travel to the moon. Jose Hernandez is now a speaker and he's a role model for the many young men and women who dream of going into aeronautics. the interview took place at Nenas Restaurant in Stockton CA

  • Gary Vitti- Lakers MD Trainer

    Gary the trainer of the Los Angles Lakers, Having had a long history working with the Lakers he tells the story of his years with the team all the ups and downs from his personal experience being part of those major championships he was there side by side with the team players, He's now retired he tells about his life with his family enjoying all those moments he missed working all those years with the team.the interview took place at Petros Manhattan Beach CA

  • Vivian Romero-City Mayor of Montebello CA

    Vivian is the first openly gay Latina Mayor of this Suburb of Los Angles CA, She grew up in this city wanting to make changes for the better heading up several community events to beautify her city. Vivian has a long career in the entertainment world doing music and video productions she knew that being Mayor would have its challenges and she took them on. the interview took place at Amy's Bakery

  •   Luis Conte- Cuban Percussionist

    Luis is a Cuban percussionist who has backed acts such as James Taylor, Madonna, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Rod Steward, Santana, and many more. He's has a school in his name his own brand of percussion instruments. Luis has such a long career in the music world he had plenty of stories to tell of his years being on tour with said musicians. the interview took place at Mambo's Restaurant in Glendale CA.

  • Ken Kragen - American Music Manager, Television Producer

    Ken is the name behind 'We Are the World' what a man to meet! His story of making the first call to Lionel Richie to work with Michael Jackson on the world-famous "We are the world" Ken was responsible for getting the artist together, working side by side with Quincy Jones, Ken also was the manager of Kenny Rogers, Lionel Richie, Trisha Yearwood, the Bee Gees. He tells of all his heartfelt stories and memories that make him tear up. interview took place at Pizzacotta in Brentwood CA

  • Hernand de Beky - Award Winning Professional Voice Actor

    This is the only episode that was done in Spanish we will provide the close captions in English. Hernand is the voice behind the commercials, movie trailers, and the Latin Grammys. Hernan has received a variety of notable awards including a Clio Award and three Emmy awards. His story came to life when the Hollywood Reporter did the short film on his life titled "Remember this voice" what a humble and caring man that tells the stories of coming from Venezuela to the US as a young man to study and make something of his life and that he did interview took place at Anejo Resturarant Sherman Oaks CA

  • Graciela Brauer Ramirez - Professor,  Poet

    This beautiful elderly lady by the name of Graciela Brauer Ramirez came to the US not knowing the language, She got her education starting with her high school diploma to City college to later become a professor and with 3 Masters's degrees and an author. She's actively working doing poetry readings playing percussion in her shows.  She has been in many write ups in the local newspapers, She prides herself on graduating with her son when she got her first Master's degree. It was taped at a famously known Tower Restruant which back in the day was next to legendary Tower Records.